5 Best Big Data Tools

This is a generation that works on data and information. It is likely to be called as an information-oriented and data-driven generation. If we are thinking of living and excelling without the fair share of information and data, then you will surely find yourself in a swamp of confusion. When it comes to massive data collection and their analysis, then the presence of big data comes into vicinity. Big data can be defined as a massive chunk of data that is unstructured and keeps authentic data that can help in numerous ways. In layman’s language, it is simply large and complex for data that could only be analyzed with technologically analytical tools. The traditional approach doent5 works here.

Big data needs a set of tools and analytical techniques that helps to gain insights into that data. There are numerous tools available in the market that helps in storing and analyzing the large quantity of data. It is quite evident nowadays that every business is using these data to gain different aspects of benefit.

The next question arises that how could we distinguish between efficient and inefficient Big data tools. For this, we should get an understanding of the different features that are being provided by these tools.

How could we define a Big Data tool to be efficient?

There are some of the features and attributes available in the market that defines the credibility and precision of Big Data tools. Before the specific information about those tools, it is very important to take a grab of these attributes. Though an efficient Big Data Tool consists of numerous features, some of the critical ones are listed below:

  • Security Features are the most effective and essential feature of these tools. When you are running a business that has massive potential then you will need tools that provide security and safety to the data. Data encryption is the next big thins\g that these tools should provide to comply with immense safety.
  • Fraud management is the necessary attribute or feature that should be provided by these tools. There are numerous scavengers available in the market that looks for susceptible openings that lead them to the big data. Fraud management includes all the aspects of fraudulent practices from detection to prevention. These threats can easily be identified with this fraud analytics software.
  • Technologies support keeps a beneficial aspect of business-oriented purposes. There is a prior need for any business to get some of the tools that readily help them to comply with the changing technology. There is a regular need for updating of tools and technology in any organization.
  • Scalability should be present in all aspects of these tools as they are working for analyzing a massive share of data. With the help of these tools, the organization can easily keep up the pace with the scaling up of data. Whenever there is data piled up, the organization can use this tool to get effective insights.


Best big data tools 

Here we are providing an elaborative description of some of the Big Data tools that are quite popular. These are popular due to their effective working and providing a flawless analysis of the data. With eh comprehensive knowledge about these tools businesses can flourish in the best possible ways. Following are the five effective and most popular big data tools available in the market:


1. R


R is one of the best platforms to process big data. The program was created in the 90’s to analyze, handle and clean data and provide comprehensive statistical analysis. It is among the most open-source, multi-functional, and dynamic software periphery that is written in different computer languages such as C, FORTRAN, and R programming languages. The core use of this is for statisticians and data miners. It has all the aspects of data analysis, graphical, and calculative approach of analyzing.


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Big Data Analytics with R


2. Apache Hadoop


This is a software framework that is used for a pile of data that has a clustered structure. It effectively helps in the handling of big data. It is written in Java. Various companies are way successful and use this data analysis tools to keep track of their massive pile of data and using them for their different business decisions.


3. Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop


This is specifically designed for massive enterprises. It enables us to deploy technology-oriented analysis for the crude bog data of the companies. This is open-source software that has a wide distribution channel for different tools also. It specifically allows collecting, administers the process, manages, discovers, and represents unlimited data.


4. Kafka


It is also an open-source platform that acts as a big data tool that is created by a renowned brand that is known as LinkedIn. It is one of the distributed event processing platforms that provide optimal throughputs tot eh system. It is capable of handling a massive number of events per day. It is more of a streaming platform that provides maximum scalability and minimal faults. The basic operation of this tool includes subscribing and publishing to streams of different sources of information.

https://kafka.apache.org/ (opens in a new window)

5. Tableau


It is among the best data visualization of big data analysis tools in the business intelligence sector. It helps you evolve the true credibility of data. It helps to get a grab over all the essential insights and analysis that can help to prepare an interactive platform. The results of this rapid data analysis tool are the optimal visualizations in different forms. It works in the combination of Hadoop that makes it quite effective and sound.



These big data analysis tools are the most popular in the market and credibly helps different businesses. The analysis provided by these tools is comprehensive and way productive, with this you can get to new aspects for your business. Whether it is a massive organization or a start-up. The effective place of data cannot be denied at all. It is the most effective boon for business enterprises. If you are planning to flourish in any business then get ready to acquaint with big data and the effective tool for analysis. This comes into a differentiated package for all business types. You just have to choose the appropriate tool for your need.