How Can I keep my Big Data safe?

As the popularity of Big Data analysis increases the susceptibility to the security of these data also increases drastically. This drastic change has made one thing clear that the need for a security analytics tool is very important. Facing these challenges without them is. In recent years, it is very evident that these security analytics tools provide effective safety to the organization against different types of threats. The new generation is using big data in the best possible ways though they are not using at its optimal efficiency. The present scalability of the data-driven technology already started the vulnerable game. Most of the enterprises are frightened to keep massive data without security.

Reason for securing your Big data

The malicious practices are increasing at a rapid pace. It is very important to consider the fact that it may peaks when the big data systems optimally acquire the maximum share. To prevent these different security analytics tools helps the organization in the best possible ways. The algorithmic approach of these stools provides an effective way out. The real-time threats and increasing security alerts help to evaluate these tools.

Here we are emphasizing one of the popular questions that all the organizations want to get a grab. They are quite susceptible to getting tools that can save them from fraudulent practices and massive data threats. Here we will provide all the relevant details that can help you to secure your big data effectively. This includes the effective features and prerequisites that defines the ways of keeping your data safe. Before getting the idea of different ways it is quite important to grab a fair share of knowledge about the fundamentals of different tools that can help you to keep your data safe.

Big Data Security Analytics tools

These tools are responsible for providing proactive network safety with the help of behavioral learning. It also takes help from different analytical techniques. These tools are also capable of providing effective techniques that can help in data mining and also keeps the freeform analytics.

Below are some of the credible features that define the effectiveness of these tools:

  • File access
  • Application access and analytics
  • DNS analysis tool
  • Email activity
  • Automated or on-demand network traffic analysis
  • Relocation, IP context
  • Model observed behavior against threat intelligence
  • Configure analytics to observe behavior against the policy
  • Network packets
  • Ingested data from SIEM or other sources
  • User and entity behavior analytics

Ways for selecting these tools for your organization

While selecting these big data there are some of the prerequisites that help your organization to attain this with maximum productivity, this will help you in choosing the good one and helping your big data security. This can minimize almost all the threats that can get your data for malicious practices. Following are some of the prerequisite that can help you to select these analytics tools:

  • The size of the Organization plays a very important role as the type and buying decision performs the foremost approach. The small scale security analytics tools are ample for a small scale and medium scale business.
  • Features of the makes you understand the things it is capable of providing. A detailed analysis can keep you away from hassles. There are different quality metrics available for the credible check of these tools. Anomaly detection has scope, detection, and false-positive rates as their results. Other than that incident response provides effective results for the defect timing and time to remediate.
  • The cost of the Tool is the foremost approach while using these tools. Most of the organizations keep a check on cost-cutting. They want minimal expenditure. It is quite important to get the calculations clear.

Best Big Data Security Analytics tools

Here we are providing some of the best security tools that can help you to secure all the organizational data. Select from these and keep your organizations safe from malicious practices.

  • RSA Security Analytics
    This software is widely known for its great security service by gathering additional minute details from the network session by network traffic analyses. It is suitable for those organizations which want deep details for the security of the network because it leverages low-level insight for a better understanding of internal security data.
  • IBM QRadar
    Being one of the System Information and Event Management tool, it focuses on helping the security teams by detecting and prioritizing threats accurately in the entire system of the enterprise. This particular analytical tool is suitable for large scale enterprises because of its higher scalability range. Those enterprises expecting detailed event data might prefer this tool. It is known for the extraordinary security feature of providing intelligent sights to the team for quick action and troubleshooting. Henceforth, ensuring data security by consolidated network data flow and log events collection from all the systems distributed in the network.
  • Splunk Enterprise Security
    This big data security analytical tool provides a premium security service that helps in prior identification of malicious threat events to the security analysts. Using visual data correlation, this software helps in a better understanding of the threat and security breach to ensure prevention as well as an action plan for those events. The data storage takes place in a schema-less manner while indexing on ingestion for varying data types. It is known for its rapid query response while maintaining the storage of data.
  • LogRhythm
    One of the unified Security Information and Event Management big data security analytical software possessing the function of network and endpoint monitoring, log management, and analytical security management. This software ensures the security of big data in any enterprise by helping them in the detection and responding swiftly to the cyber threats or data breach. It focuses on assuring with an automated compliance system for numerous enterprises, governmental agencies, and organizations.
  • ArcSight
    ArcSight is one of the next-generation big data analytical security tools used for collection, correlation, and tracking suspicious malware activities to ensure the security of the organization. It is also intelligence software for SIEM as well as for log management. It was developed to empower the customer to identify as well as for tracking malicious activities by simplified audit and easy compliance registration process.

The above are the most effective tools that can be very useful for all types of organizations for keeping their Big Data safe and secure. These Big Data Security Analytics tools are the boon for the organizational security of their data.