Top 10 Big Data Security Companies

Most companies dealing with Big Data also has special protocols to implement security measure to mitigate the security risk. Much like other types of cyber-security concerns, big data may also be infected or attacked from different sources.

The diversity and heterogeneity of data increase the risk of malicious entry in big data. Big data security includes the precautionary tools that ensure the safety of big data from theft, attack, or harms which negatively affect it.

Different organizations take different security measures to protect big data. The encryption of data is frequently used to secure data from any illegal use because the encrypted data is useless for unauthorized personnel.

A strong firewall is also another important tool to ensure data security by filtering and validating all incoming data in servers from heterogeneous sources (Sisense 2020).

Followings companies are dealing with Securing Big Data (Big Data Companies 2020).

1.     Amazon Web Services

Founded in the USA in 2006, AWS offers 125+ services for computing, storage, analytics, machine artificial intelligence, machine learning, IOT, mobile, security, hybrid, virtual and augmented reality, etc.

From small businesses to the largest companies, many businesses and even governments make use of Amazon Web Services. They are one of largest organizations in managing and securing big data.

Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR is the solution from AWS for storing and managing extremely large data sets. It’s a managed cluster cloud platform which runs with big data frameworks such as Apache Hardoop.

aws emr big data platform

AWS Lake formation

With AWS Lake formation you can create a secured data lake within days.  On top of the secured EMR cluster you can make use of the AWS Lake formation to provide a extra layer of security .


2.     IBM Security Guardium

IBM Guardium Data Protection has a special feature for Big Data security which provides automated sensitive data classification and discovery, monitoring, real-time data activity and special cognitive analytics features to determine unfamiliar movement around sensitive data.

It is supporting big data infrastructure around the globe for decision making, analyzing complex data under special security features. They have special evolving capabilities to scale big data efficiently(IBM 2020).

3.     Microsoft

Microsoft was founded in 1975 in the USA by Bill Gates. It is providing a long range of software services including Windows OS, MS Office, etc. It involves in manufacturing, licensing, supporting, and selling computer software.

Azure is one of the powerful cloud-based big data services that providing special security features and transformation of any data into timely insights for everyone, at a limitless scale.

Azure is serving 90 industry and offering compliance certification with financially backed SLAa (Azure 2020)

4.     McAfee

It is a well-known security insurance company providing solutions and services to small & medium scale enterprises large scale enterprises around the globe.

Now, it has a great contribution in the big data security market. It has 7000 security professionals along with 1200 patents(MaCfee 2020).

5.     Talend

Talend was found in 2005 at the USA and providing global big data integration with strong security capabilities. It is a highly scalable data integration environment implemented for business growth and high returns.

It ensures the optimized security solution for a flexible and easily adaptable environment. More than 4000 enterprise partners globally leverage Telend’s services and solutions.

According to Talend connects at big data scale, they will provide 5x faster and at 1/5th the cost for their services(Talend 2019)

6.     Atos

Atos SE (Societas Europaea) was founded in 1997 at Frances and considered as a leader in digital services with annual revenue of around EUR 12 billion and 100,000 workers in 72 countries around the globe.

It is a highly secured option regarding Big Data & Cyber-security solutions and transactional services via Worldline, which is the European leader in the payments and monetary transactional services industry.

It has deep technology expert groups providing services to business sectors, financial services, manufacturing, health, media, utilities, telecommunications, etc. Big Data solution must be assured flawless protection of big data that can only be achieved through “Security by Design”(Zakhour 2017)

7.     Circle Internet Financial

Affirm was found in 2013 in the USA dealing with big data services in finance. They are re-building financial infrastructure from the ground using modern technology.

It provides enhanced services for privacy and security for consumers, instant, digital money transactions globally. As mentioned on their website “Programmable dollars for your internet business”(Anon n.d.).


8.     SentinelOne

It was founded in 2013 in the USA, has special security features to stop unknown attacks on Big data. It provides several layers of sophisticated attack prevention, comprising behavior detection and machine learning, etc.

It has special facilities to control the ransomware malware on the computer.

9.     FireEye

FireEye is another powerful security company dealing with long-range security issues. It is frequently used for the big data center that hosts critical data or customer information, business-critical data, intellectual property, etc.

It is providing advanced tools to protect big data from malware and other cyber attackers. It also provides special security forensic features to trace out the attacks(FireEye 2020).

10.  Oracle

The company was founded in 1977 in the USA, has been working in complex database projects. It is one of the pioneer companies working with databases.

Oracle Big Data Services providing fully secured and automated cost-effective services based on Cloudera Enterprise, under the Hadoop framework capable of advanced functionalities.

Secure and Efficient services enable users to run a big range of big data workloads and simplified technology operations(Anon n.d.).




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