Top 5 Big Data Security Analytics Tools

Last updated on July 9th, 2024 at 08:43 pm

Being a part of the technologically enhanced world we humans are still striving for innovation in a better manner. As a part of the data-oriented world, we are assuming that you must be aware of the actual margin of data generated around us.

Every second there are more than a million tweets updated on Twitter, other million of logons on Facebook, and many more such activities. In a wide population of humans globally, we are generating a huge amount of data every second. Therefore, it leads to the generation of big data.

These days, data has much worth than humans. Apart from its utilization for anything worthy another important factor that comes to our mind is its security. Though it is very tough to secure a huge amount of data still many experts in this field have come up with many security analytics tools for big data.

So to put some more light on the same, we are here today with the five best big data security analytics tools for you. Before diving straight into the list of tools, we want you to gather some more knowledge about the basics of big data security analytics.

What is Big data Security Analytics?

The data generation rate is going higher as well as complex while making it almost difficult to process and analyze by using traditional security data processing applications. Nowadays every organization wants to secure its data and information, so the respective IT security professionals have got the opportunity to ensure the integrity of data. The methods or strategies used to secure a huge amount of analyzed security data is known as big data security analytics. Initially, the big data security analytics is going to focus on incident detection and response. The whole system is going to be based on in-depth internal and external security intelligence.

Big data security analytics is categorized into two functional segments:

  1. Performance and availability monitoring (PAM) known for managing operational data.
  2. Security Information and event management (SIEM) focuses upon database monitoring, log management, event management as well as application monitoring.

These tools for big data security analytics are potent as well as qualify for high competence that is a result of PAM and SIEM powerfulness. They are developed to manage bulk data in real data by arranging, sorting, combining, and analyzing processes. Moreover, even the traditional PAM and SIEM software were not capable of performing such security management. Meanwhile, these tools are said to be the next-generation SIEM with the capability to collect, store, and analyses the advance greater hunt of bulk data.

The entire aspiring individual in the data security field of study must know about the presence of big data security analytics. Since our technological development is at a fast pace henceforth in the coming days there will be a huge generation of data.

Reasons behind the growing big data security analytics segment

In the past 24 months, there is a drastic change in the market of security. According to research, more than 50% of enterprises believe that security management has become either significantly more difficult or somewhat more difficult over the past two years. The reason behind the increased concern for security management can be summarized as follows:

• Fewer security professionals in the market

This is a significant decrease in the experts from the security management segment, which leads to more work upon less professional.

• Traditional data security triage

We are still in the same phase of traditional security management tools that fail at a point when there is big data. The usage of traditional security triage to manage and secure data has grown old and less secure over time.

• A huge amount of data generation

The rise of the internet leads to a huge data generation which indirectly hampers the security of the system. Though having fewer tools in the market and a high amount of data generation creates a grey impact on its security.

Big data security analytics tools

Here is the list of real-time security analytics tools with greater capabilities to ensure big data security:


IBM Radar

Being one of the System Information and Event Management tool, it focuses on helping the security teams by detecting and prioritizing threats accurately in the entire system of the enterprise.

It is known for the extraordinary security feature of providing intelligent sights to the team for quick action and troubleshooting. Henceforth, ensuring data security by consolidated network data flow and log events collection from all the systems distributed in the network.

This particular analytical tool is suitable for large scale enterprises because of its higher scalability range. Those enterprises expecting detailed event data might prefer this tool.



One of the unified Security Information and Event Management big data security analytical software possessing the function of network and endpoint monitoring, log management, and analytical security management.

This software ensures the security of big data in any enterprise by helping them in the detection and responding swiftly to the cyber threats or data breach. It focuses on assuring with an automated compliance system for numerous enterprises, governmental agencies, and organizations.


RSA Security

This software is widely known for its great security service by gathering additional minute details from the network session by network traffic analyses. It is suitable for those organizations which want deep details for the security of the network because it leverages low-level insight for a better understanding of internal security data.

Splunk Enterprise Security

This big data security analytical tool provides a premium security service that helps in prior identification of malicious threat events to the security analysts.

Using visual data correlation, this software helps in a better understanding of the threat and security breach to ensure prevention as well as an action plan for those events. The data storage takes place in a schema-less manner while indexing on ingestion for varying data types. It is known for its rapid query response while maintaining the storage of data.

arcsight-big data security tool


ArcSight is one of the next-generation big data analytical security tools used for collection, correlation, and tracking suspicious malware activities to ensure the security of the organization. It is also intelligence software for SIEM as well as for log management.

It was developed to empower the customer to identify as well as for tracking malicious activities by simplified audit and easy compliance registration process.

In conclusion

All of the above mentioned big data security analytical tools are known for its quality service to the customers. One can have them according to the scale of enterprises and the level of data security requirements. In the high-end world of bulk data production, we suggest you avail of any tool after proper research about it.

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