Why is data management important?

Data management has many benefits for either data supplier or users and customers.

For data suppliers:

A good data management will increase data supplier’s trust that their data will be used in the right way without risk of security, or copyright.

Good data management will guarantee that stored data are in better quality. And data supplier can control over data by the clear definition and use.

Data supplier better understand the use of their data.

For users and customers:

Better data management will provide information to customers more quickly, identify customer need more exactly. As a result, right information will be sent to customers at the right time. It means the use of date is more effective.

When users access right data what they need, they can exploit data in better way.

If you use data management system in high-rate security, it helps you avoid the disclosure of personal information of customers and users as well as obstacles that impacts on accessing data. And a good data management system will improve user’s awareness and understanding of data and the use of data.

Generally, it can say that proper data management ensures that your information stay in security. And a strong management system protect your data from attacks, important information will be safe. When all data is put in place and all of you understand and follow requirements in using data management system, it helps your organization reduce the risk of losing data.


A proper data management helps your company/organization to make decisions more accurately. When you need to build a plan, analysis something or manage performance of your business, you must use different data from a variety of sources. If data on your system are not correct or in poor, it is hard to make decisions that are good for your business. Data entry errors or a lack of data will impact in negative way, even they become the risk for your company.


Speed to make decision affects to company’s success, too. If your company need much time to check and exploit data before making decision and reacting to the market, your company may become loser. Because your competitors did their work and gained the success. It is reason why you should have a strong and clear data management system for employees to access data and be warned about the change of market on time. When you manage data properly, unnecessary duplication is not available. This ensure that each employees or member in your company do their own work only.

Employee’s performance is improved, time for exploiting data is saved. It leads to the saving for company’s expenses.

Data management plan and its related topics

To have proper data management, you need a proper data management plan. How to do this?

It comes to data management, they are data architecture, data quality management, data storage, date sharing, data security, data reference, contact data systems, data governance… There are many topics related to data management.

For any organization, effective data management is top important task. And to do that, anyone who want to manage data effectively, need to build a good data management plan or DMP. Data management plan is built in order to you manage your data, allow others to use data if you decide to share them and meet different requirement, complicate regulations.

DMP is known as a key tool which reflects policies, data management system or study procedure. Actually, DMP is not the detailed documents but it is an integral part for any companies or organization to use and manage data. Based on DMP, specific factors for promoting and limiting data sharing are identified exactly.

DMP shows roles and responsibilities for individual in a group, in organization, companies….

In other words, a data management plan explains how you are planning to manage data for your work. Therefore you need to understand you will collect which type of data and describe these data by which way, how to store and secure your data, and of course, your data will be shared or note. If they are shared, who is allowed to access and they can access your data under what conditions and how long are they allowed to access… You have to think about strategy for data storages in long time, how to handle unexpected issues or sensitive data. If not, a proper data management plan is not possible to be built.

Now you know more the importance of data management and building a data management plan. Hope that you will build the best data management plan and system for your company/organization.